Monthly Archives: December 2018

Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

Artificial Intelligence and the future of Human Resources

The future of Human Resources with Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI), sometimes called Machine Intelligence which is demonstrated by machines. In contrast to the natural intelligence which is demonstrated by human and other animals. Let’s discuss human resources now so that ...
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Blue Collar Recruitment Agency

Rise in Blue Collar Hiring in the Middle East

Rise in Blue Collar Hiring in the Middle East Blue-collar jobs, why are they called so? On what basis are we classifying jobs? Why are talking about their rise all of a sudden? Well, there are quite a few questions to be answered about this fascinating topic and this is what we are going to [&hellip...
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Blue Collar Job Opportunities

The blue collar job makes a comeback

Would you exchange a profession in a work area for a vocation with a mallet and screwdriver? In the current financial downturn, some may consider doing such a change, if just to get cash while they’re unemployed. Be that as it may, others are rediscovering the estimation of hands-on occupations, f...
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Blue-collar Entrepreneurship

Why blue collar entrepreneurs have so much opportunity to succeed?

Blue-Collar Entrepreneurship is the new Buzzword When you consider entrepreneurship, you presumably think about a tech organization originator or somebody who plays out some sort of white-collar calling. Be that as it may, entrepreneurship has no limits and can be created where any wellspring of an ...
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