Employers in the Middle East face many difficulties in finding a quality workforce for their large-scale projects such as the slow speed of deployment, submission of incorrect documents and quick resignations, etc. It is here that ABC India steps in and removes roadblocks from the hiring process.


We consistently deploy quality candidates in the shortest time with maximum retention, ensuring total peace of mind for our valued clients.


Our specialized team maintains utmost transparency in briefing the candidates, so there are minimum resignations. We also follow stringent quality parameters to submit 100% accurate documentation to the authorities, reducing delays due to re-work.


Last year, we successfully recruited 5190 workers to the Middle East in diverse industries such as the Civil, MEP, Infrastructure, Facilities Management, Medical, Hospitality, Security and Manufacturing Industries.


Established in 1981, we are ABC India, a leading recruitment agency with a track record of recruiting over 100,000 candidates till date. Our dynamic 24-member team works from our headquarters in New Delhi spread across 300 sqm.


Today, we have more than 50 trade testing facilities and branches in Mumbai (India), Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Common Recruitment Issues in the Middle East &
ABC India's Winning Solution



The Middle East’s recruitment industry lacks a formal hiring procedure which slows down the speed of deployment and wastes extra hours in doing avoidable rework. The industry is still largely people-dependent rather than system-dependent.


DOCUMENTATION: Often, the failure to meet employer/country guidelines like sending important documents (medical reports, passport copy, police clearance certificates and photographs) results in over 4% rejections.

LOSS OF TIME: Resubmitting and reprocessing documents as well as finalizing a vendor for external sourcing takes up a lot of extra time and effort.

HIGH COSTS AND FEES: Sourcing the workers for projects from external sources means higher costs for the employer. Add to this the fees that employers have to pay to the authorities for re-processing documents.



EFFICIENCY: We ensure utmost efficiency in all our hiring procedures so that there is no need for reprocessing or rework.

STRUCTURE: Our smart Checklist enables us to strictly adhere to employer/country guidelines, like submitting the correct documents to the authorities/client.

POINT OF REFERENCE: Our Operations Flowchart and customized Recruitment Software incorporate all the steps in the recruitment process, from start to finish; enabling us to always stay on track.

REDUCED COSTS: We save employers time and unnecessary costs usually incurred due to authority rejections, rework and additional fees, finalizing an outsourced contractor, etc.


We work towards an efficient and quick deployment process.



In the Middle East, over 3% of workers hand over their resignations within the first 45 days of joining work. Workers quit so soon because they are not sufficiently briefed at the time of hiring.


LACK OF INFORMATION AND TRANSPARENCY: Often, candidates do not have clarity about

-The work responsibilities

-Their role in the organisation

-The type of accommodation they will be getting

-Terms of the contract

-The work culture of the organisation, etc.


COSTLY REWORK: Since replacements are not selected by the employer’s representative, a lengthy recruitment process has to be re-initiated which leads to

-High costs and wastage
-Loss of time
-Poor quality of candidates
-A feeling of humiliation as the management and employers start blaming the HR department for poor vendor selection.



COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY: We go the extra mile to ensure that our candidates are well briefed about the job they are accepting. We provide them with all the necessary details including their role, terms of the contract (food and accommodation, transport, working hours, annual holidays), company culture, etc.

ORIENTATION SPOTS: We offer two orientation spots, one at the time of signing the offer and the second one, before deployment.

POST DEPLOYMENT FLOWCHART: Using this flowchart, we can solve all kinds of post-deployment issues promptly. For example, as soon as we receive information from the employer that a candidate is missing his family, we make the necessary provisions for connecting him to his family members.


Count on us to bring down the rate of resignations to less than 1%.



A large number of interviewers are unhappy with the poor arrangements made by the recruitment agency in setting up interviews and the interview itineraries.


Often, interviewers are booked on back-to-back flights, causing them a lot of inconveniences as well as tiredness.


Many delegates complain about inappropriate trade testing arrangements.



PLANNING: We design itineraries based on the age group of the interviewers and propose International flights arriving well before midnight to ensure that the delegates can get a good sleep before the next day’s hard work. We also keep a day’s break after every four days if the venue for the interview is a long drive away.

FORWARD THINKING: We have tied up with good International hotel chains, located in the airport’s vicinity, thereby reducing travel time. We also request the employers to share a list of the materials required for the interviews and keep them ready at the interview venues.

ESSENTIAL TIE-UPS: We are associated with the best Trade Testing Centers used by world-class companies to ensure the accuracy of testing, which makes it easier for delegates to evaluate the workers.

SUPPORT TEAM: Our Interview Support Team consists of a Coordinator and an Engineer to ensure that there is no language or technical barriers between the representatives and workers.

LATEST MACHINERY: We have invested in In-house Heavy Equipment Machines for testing operators and kitchen facilities for Horeca testing. We also provide a complete kitchen team for the employer’s in-house mess facilities.


You can count on us to make excellent interview arrangements and itinerary plans.



Another major concern for employers in the Middle East is insufficient workers.


More often than not, there are only a few workers available to be tested by the representatives. As a result, projects get delayed, and the entire hiring process goes haywire.



ADVERTISING AND PROMOTIONS: To make up for the shortage of workers at the time of interviewing, we use all the available mediums for advertising the vacancies, well in advance.


From running ads in all the local newspapers and social media visibility to distributing leaflets extensively and word of mouth promotion, we leave no stones unturned to make sure that enough candidates show up for the interview.


PLENTY OF CHOICES: Based on our reputation of recruiting for A-Grade employers, we now have more and more workforce coming to be tested by the employers.


Our average is about 200 candidates in a single day!


We are well-known for our operational capabilities and commitment to client satisfaction. Here’s why we stand out


EXPERIENCED CANDIDATES: Our Candidates have worked on world-renowned projects including the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa Dubai, Atlantis Hotel Dubai, Dubai International Airport, Doha International Airport, Dubai Metro, Doha Metro and many more.


WIDE CHOICES: As a standard practice, we arrange interviews with four times the number of candidates than required.


GUARANTEE: When you hire from us, we provide a free replacement for candidates within 90 days of joining, at ZERO COST TO YOU!


5190 AND COUNTING: In the last year, we have successfully recruited 5190 workers to the Middle East in Civil, MEP, Infrastructure, Facilities Management, Medical, Hospitality, Security and Manufacturing Industry.




Established in 1981, ABC is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company with headquarters in New Delhi, India. Spread across 300 sqm, our office houses an efficient 24-member team with a combined experience of over 267 years. We have branches in Mumbai, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.


Till date, we have recruited over 100,000 candidates. We have more than 50 Trading Testing Facilities for candidates in Civil, MEP, Infrastructure, Facilities Management, Medical, Hospitality, Security and Manufacturing Industries.


ABC INDIA started its operations with the Middle East, and in 2018, we ventured into recruitment for the Eastern European markets. Today, we are a leading Recruitment Agency, supplying workforce for the Eastern European Market, including Romania, Lithuania, Croatia and Poland.


Our Founder, Mr Ramesh Mansharamani, is the Chairman of Export Promotion Council for Manpower from India and represents the Industry on behalf of its members in New Delhi. We are also members of the Chamber of Commerce, FIMCA and Export Promotion Council for Manpower from India.