Blue Collar (Worker) Recruitment

We specialize in blue collar recruitment and it is the key in various industries.
We have helped companies in hiring 40,000+ semi-skilled and trained blue collar candidates.

With customized and end to end hiring services, we can help source, filter, and recruit suitable candidates who will fit into the job role offered by the company.

We help in hiring blue collar candidates for various industries such as Construction, Security, Manufacturing, etc. Our team follows a line by line procedure- they intervie the candidates, train them for relevant skills and prepare them for the job roles. We make sure that the employee are well-equipped with the relevant skills and training in order to fit with the job role offered.

Blue Collar Recruitment Agency

How do our clients benefit?

Our overseas recruitment specialists understand the requirement of every business and help companies recruit according to their requirements.

Large Quantity

With 37+ years of experience, we have an exceptional case study in helping a client hire 800+ candidates in 5 days.

Short time-frame

We believe in completing our tasks within the strict time frame. We manage to clear 150 employees within a day.

Skilled Candidates

We help companies hire skilled people by providing theoretical and hands-on training to the candidates in 50+ our training centers.

Industries We Serve

Since 1983, we have been serving our clients to recruit skilled manpower for the permanent, temporary, and contractual jobs in the major industries like Construction, Oil & Gas, Security, Facility Management etc.

blue collar recruitment agency


Since 1981, ABC HR is helping building construction companies in hiring skilled workers, machine operators, equipment repairers etc. in the various parts of the Middle East and Europe.


We are specialized in hiring for Road Construction Projects. We have helped companies hire skilled workers, drivers, machine operators etc in major road construction projects across the globe.


We assist Oil & Gas companies to hire the right talent from various parts of the world. We have helped O&G companies recruit thousands of entry-level and mid-level workers.


We have expertise in handling the facility management staffing requirements, whether it is large or small. We help companies to find the right person on the permanent, temporary, and contractual basis.


As security is one of the biggest concern of this time, we support companies to recruit the right guy for the job. Our recruitment portfolio of the security industry includes watchmen, security guards etc.


In the last 37 years, we have assisted companies to successfully recruit thousands of skilled workers at the entry-level and supervisory level positions in Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing departments.

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