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ABC is a trusted source of a highly skilled workforce at competitive prices, delivering consistent top-quality manpower to clients in Building Construction, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Automotive, HORECA, & Shipyard Industries.

Romanian employers face problems finding quality manpower that is ready to work at competitive wages and on a long term basis.

We provide an experienced labor force who have worked on world-renowned projects – The Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa Dubai, Atlantis Hotel Dubai, Dubai International Airport, Doha International Airport, Dubai Metro, Doha Metro, and many more.

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In the last two years, We have Recruited over 3000 Workers to Romania for:


And ABC’s Solutions

There are many short-term and long-term issues that employers have to face in finding a skilled workforce for their projects in Romania. It is here that ABC comes to the rescue!.

Problem #1

Low Availability Of Quality Workforce

Some employers hire unskilled workers for their projects, resulting in project re-works and delays.

Other Romanian Employers outsource to costly third-party companies that can wipe out over 50% of the profits, putting them under a huge financial strain.

This results in late projects of subpar quality, increased costs, and reduced chances of getting referrals or word-of-mouth recommendations.

ABC’S Solution

Plenty Of Quality Workforce & Peace Of Mind

We have a talent pool with over 60,000 workers in Construction, Manufacturing, HORECA, and Shipyard.

Our skilled and experienced workforce has worked on world-renowned, large-scale projects like The Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Atlantis Hotel, Dubai International Airport, Dubai Metro, Doha International Airport and Metro.

We have tie-ups with more than 50 Trade Testing facilities where employers can visit and evaluate the workers before hiring them.

Problem #2


Despite the fact that Minimum Wages are on a RISING Trend, plunging the Employers deeper into a DANGEROUS LOSS-MAKING CYCLE leading to:


-When you pay high salaries to your expensive workforce, your fixed costs RISE.
-You get stuck in competitive bids and tenders, and fewer projects get awarded to you.
-Your team’s morale begins to fall due to losing projects, back to back.
-Intra-department unrest increases as each department blames the other for their failure to win projects.


-Acquiring other companies for vertical or horizontal expansion
-Buying machinery and equipment for day-to-day use of the business Vs leasing
– Acquiring real estate for business operations such as factory production, commerce, showrooms, restaurants, retail spaces Vs. leasing
– Investing in workforce accommodation, which is usually container Vs leasing
– Unable to build Quality Teams

ABC’S Solution #2


Smart Hiring Workforce Mechanism which helps Employers to Identify Workforce that are willing to work at Minimum Wage Rates as prescribed by the Romanian Labor Laws.
This helps to reduce the Fixed Monthly Costs by more than 26%.

With our carefully drafted legal Recruitment Agreements,  ABC takes substantial obligations as a Consultant enabling Employers to CUT DOWN hiring expenses (Performance Based).

This creates transparency from Day 1 and Creates a Foundation of Trust to build a long term business relationship.

Problem #3


Higher salaries offered by competitors locally

The proximity of the workplace from their residence – Workers travelling from far off locations results in Loss in Efficiency and time compensation for travel

Preference of Indoor Jobs especially during the winter season

Workforce not willing to relocate leads to loss of time due to Rehiring for each new location of the business and HR department manpower cost, Sourcing fees to the agency, Employees training and onboarding, Performance Grace period

ABC’S Solution #3


Secondment / Third Party’s Payroll : The Employee cannot switch jobs for the first 12 months and it is at the discretion of the Employer at the end of 12 months to transfer him to their Payroll or terminate the Contract and send back to home country.

The Workforce stays at the accommodation provided by the Employer at the workplace itself (usual case in Building Construction, Manufacturing & Shipyard) or in close proximity to Workplace (usual case in Infrastructure, Horeca & Automotive) which is commutable by local transport or walking.

No preference for Jobs, as they are recruited for a predefined Job

When you hire from us, the workers are willing to work at any location across Romania, so you won’t have to worry about finding new workers, training them or getting them up-to-date with the company norms.

Problem #4

Coordination and Guarantee

Coordination with Workforce on issues such as Salary & Overtime Rates, Food, Homesickness,  if not tackled on time could create major roadblocks in the performance of the Employees and long term relationship with the Employers.

Adaptability to Weather Conditions

Guarantee of the Workforce in case they absconds, unwilling to work, Medically Unfit or breaks any law as per Laws

ABC’S Solution #4

We recruit One Coordinator for every 75 workers. The Coordinator acts as the interface and point of contact between the Employer and the Employees and facilitates the following tasks:

-Salary and Overtime: Clarifies doubts around salary and overtime computations
-Food: Helps the Employees/Employers to identify the best places to source raw material, both online and offline. Also, can facilitate creation of Menu and keep a quality check with In House Kitchen Team or Catering Company
– Homesickness – Feedback from Homesick Employees boosts their morale. If they are missing their family, the coordinator arranges for them to call and talk to their family so they can find out their family’s welfare and feel better

The workforce is from Cold Regions and we ensured a success rate of over 99% in the last year.

The workforce understands basic work English, whereas the Coordinators, Engineers, Supervisors have their degree with English as the first language

In addition to this we Guarantee all Workers for a period of 4 Months from the date of joining is replaced free of cost by the Consultant


We are well-known for our extensive background experience and proven expertise in serving the Eastern European market’s workforce needs. We have a dedicated and highly-trained team to handle the hiring needs for Romania. Here’s why we stand out –

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